Tag: Composting, wormery Posted: Donal Date: February 16, 2019

Wormery revisited

the worm bunch

I reconfigured my big wormery in early December – cleared one end out and piled all of the finished compost plus uneaten food and bedding, and of course all of the worms, in the other end.

I did this mainly because there was some material that had become compacted, especially some shredded paper and cardboard that I had added as bedding. I figured that by turning and loosening all of the material, and leaving it a while, I should take care of that issue.

So today was my first time in about 2 months looking into the wormery. During the colder weather I didn’t want to feed them much anyway, reckoning that they had plenty to sustain them during their slowed-down winter activity. But wow! They have been busy.

Valentine’s Day must have come early for the worms (are they romantic or just eager?) because there are thousands, perhaps many thousands, of worm eggs in the compost now. These will all hatch in the next couple of weeks, and there will be many many new mouths to feed, so I’d better get cracking on collecting waste fruit and veg, chopping it up, mixing it with bedding and lime, and feeding the herd.