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Geobin composter


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Buying a compost bin for your garden? This is the one!

Geobin nylon compost bin. 36″ high. Sturdy, flexible, expandable to >40″ diameter. Great for composting in a larger garden composting or for making leaf mould.

This composter is very well ventilated, while not having holes so wide that the material dries out too much.

If you want to compost fruit and veg waste from the kitchen in this, you can do so by burying the food waste in among the garden waste.

Make sure to add lots of “brown” materials such as paper, cardboard, sawdust, autumn leaves etc. to keep your food waste from becoming wet and sticky.

Note: The supporting poles supplied with this product are not very strong. It may help to put 4 light wooden stakes instead, or as well as.

See how to set it up and how it looks:

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