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Leaf mould


Leaf mould compost

Leaf mould
Leaf mould – good natured composting in action!


12 or 20 kilogram bagged leaf mould.

Fully composted, sieved and quality controlled leaf mould compost.

Black gold made from the finest vintage Autumn leaves. At least 2 years old.

Steadily composted through a natural outdoor moulding process.

Full of beneficial fungi and beautiful friable texture.

Perfect for

  • a seed or potting mix, for refreshing raised beds
  • improving tired soil in polytunnels
  • growing trees and shrubs.

Also suitable as a “brown” additive in your compost bin to balance wet “green” materials such as fruit and veg waste and grass clippings.

And makes great bedding for a wormery!

Due to weight, this product is for local delivery only.


Additional information

Weight 20 kg

12kg, 20kg

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