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Magic Box composter



The perfect small footprint, large capacity composting system for fruit and vegetable waste or pet waste. This is an ideal balcony compost system, or also suitable for a garden.

The system consists of lidded plastic trays placed inside custom designed Douglas Fir wooden boxes.

The trays are for initial placement of the waste, and (VERY IMPORTANT) mixing with brown materials to aid the composting process. When full, the trays are emptied into one of the boxes, where the composting process continues to completion. Keep filling the same box until it is almost full, and then start to fill the second box. By the time the second box is full, the contents of the first box have been composted.

For larger volumes of waste it is recommended to purchase 2 extra boxes that can be placed on top of the base boxes to give a greater capacity.

The boxes are made from Douglas Fir wood which is resistant to decay and shrinkage.

Capacity per box: 39 litres. The two box version has a capacity of 78 litres while the 4 box version has a capacity of 156 litres!

Dimensions per box: height 30cm. Width: 41cm. Depth: 41cm.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm
Number of boxes

2, 4

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