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Worm Works Stackable Wormery



Wormery with worm trays, base and tap.


  • Base (sump) with tap. The base supports the wormery and also collects any liquid leachate from the worm trays. This liquid can be diluted (with 10 parts water) to make a liquid fertiliser for root or foliar feeding of plants.
  • Trays with perforated bases. Worms migrate upwards through holes in bottom of each tray, leaving finished compost in lower tray.
  • Lid. This protects the wormery from light, rain, and birds who want to eat your worms!
  • Bedding for the worms to live in. Worms need a moist environment, so they are started off in moist bedding in their new home.
  • Worms. Often called “tiger worms”, these composting worms of species Eisenia fetida are commonly found in compost bins and other sources of organic food material. They are epigeic or surface-dwelling worms, unlike the soil-dwelling larger earthworms found in gardens and fields. Because of this, they can live, eat and reproduce successfully in a wormery, as they do not rely on contact with soil.

How it works:

  • Place one tray on top of the base, and add the bedding and worms.
  • Feed small amounts into the tray.
  • After a few weeks, the worms will have settled in and begun to reproduce, so you can increase the amount of food.
  • When the tray is almost full, place another tray on top and feed into this.
  • When this tray is almost full, place a third tray on top.
  • When the last¬† tray is full, remove all trays but the bottom (first) tray. This should contain all finished compost.
  • The worms migrate upwards into the next tray through the holes in the base, so they should have left the bottom tray by the time you check it. Stragglers can be removed by hand and placed into another tray.
  • Empty the tray of compost and use this very valuable black gold to grow strong, healthy plants.
  • Place this newly emptied tray on top, as your next working tray.

Worms eat a lot – up to half of their own body weight per day. Within a few months you should have up to 1-2kg of worms living in the wormery.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Number of trays

2, 3, 4


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