Date: November 4, 2019

Leaf mould time again!

Here we are again, the time that the great yet oft-despised resource of autumn leaves fall at our feet.

As usual, since I started taking people’s unwanted leaf fall 3 years ago, I have been getting calls to pick up bags from local tidy-minded people. I do try to encourage people to make their own compost, but I still end up with tonnes of leaves each year, which is fine by me. I just hope that enough are left in situ for the wildlife that depend so much on them for shelter during the winter, and to rot down and feed the plants and animals in the soil where they grew.

One of many bags of leaves in my annual bounty!

Last week, I even got an email from a landscaper in Nottingham, England, whose company collects over 1,000 cubic metres of leaves every year, asking me if I would be interested in taking them away and how much I would charge! I was quick to decline, for many reasons, but wow what a wealth of leaf mould for the Merry Men of those woods!

My finished leaf mould sold well this year, with a lot of it going to Irish native tree growing projects. This was great, as it is a perfect growing medium for tree seedlings, and I got some financial return for the work of hauling the leaves, and turning and sieving the leaf mould during the composting process. Dunno how I’d get on with 1,000 cubic metres of the stuff though – I think I would need a bigger pitchfork…