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Worm Works Stackable Wormery. Wormery with 3 perforated trays, base and tap. Worms migrate upwards through holes in bottom of each tray, leaving finished compost in lower tray. Liquid can be extracted via tap to use as plant food. Black, green, or terracotta colours.   

Hungry Vermicompost Bin Worm migrate upwards in search of fresh food which is placed in top. Liquid and finished compost can be extracted at bottom. This bin has wheels, and can be moved around.   

Worm Inn Hanging Wormery This fabric wormery allows exceptional breathability, ensuring compost is drier and crumblier than from many other wormeries. Tapered design allows top feeding (18x18 inch topside dimensions) and compost to be harvested from bottom by opening. Liquid will also come out the bottom.   

Worm Inn Mega As above, but with 20x20 inch top side dimensions, and 130% greater capacity. Both standard and Mega are available in colours: • Chocolate • Camouflage • Burgundy • Plum • Forest green   

Worm Inn with Stand The Standard Worm Inn only needs a light stand, which can be included for the following price. The wormery can also be hung from a shelf or stand that you already have, at no extra cost!   

Worm Inn Mega with Stand This wormery will require a strong stand as it will hold substantial weight.    

Spiral Compost Mixer Compost mixing tool; This easy to use tool lets you turn, mix and aerate your compost. Sturdy, durable construction.    
€20 each. (€18 each for group purchases of 3 or more tools.)