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Recent and Current Projects

•  Member of Ireland’s Stop Food Waste team since 2009.
Stop Food Waste has delivered training in composting and food waste reduction to many thousands of people since its inception, as well as supplying many useful publications available on its website.

•  Composting trainer for schools and community groups for Cork County Council Environmental Awareness Unit

•  Developing and researching worm composting (vermicomposting or vermiculture) as a means of managing and combining organic waste materials to make value-added products

•  Training for Tidy Towns groups in Sustainable Waste and Resource Management

•  Business workshops, Corporate Green Days.

•  Organising environmental volunteering opportunities for corporate staff.

Worm Composting

It is easy to make your own worm composting unit - people have made them from old car tyres, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, old chest freezers etc. Any container that keeps the worms secure and protected can suffice if you can provide the right conditions for the composting worms.

The two usual designs of worm bin are stackable (such as using tyres or drilled nesting plastic boxes) and single container (such as a large wooden box or old freezer or bath).
You will find lots of information about worm composting to suit your needs on the internet, including on www.stopfoodwaste.ie

Waste Down have a range of factory-manufactured wormeries for sale also. These have all been tested for optimal performance, and advice will be given on what is best suited to your needs.
We also can design and build a composting strategy suitable to your needs – please contact us with your enquiries

Worms and Vermicompost for Sale

You can view our range of Wormeries for sale at the following;
Price List for Wormeries including Stocking and Bedding